Vinovo and surroundings

Vinovo is located on the S-W of Turin, only 15 km from the center of the city, 232 metres height from the sea level. It extends for 1800 hectars, and a surface of 100.000 square metres is assigned to public parks and gardens. The climate is undoubtfully continental.

Vinovo is a pretty and new city, but with an historic hart represented by the Della Rovere Castle, and by the Churches of San Bartolomeo and San Desiderio, with some newer buildings like the schools, the cinema Auditorium Digital, the bibliotheque and many sport structures.

In the past the town has been known for the production of porcelains and ceramics; those of V.A. Gioanetti have been the more importants, however now the main industries are the textile and the wood production. The population, of about 14.000 inhabitants, is mainly located in the center of the town (8.000 people), and the others in the many villages around.

An important role is played by the Hippodrome Federico Tesio, well-known in national competitions, and the Società Ippica La Madonnina, that organises every year important competitions and horse shows in national and international rounds. Still concerning sport, it's important to note that Juventus Football Club recently build up in Vinovo its new training fields, used by the youth team, and by the champions of the first team.

The geografical position of Turin allows Vinovo to be accessible from the bypass of Turin, as from the principal roads around Vinovo. The exits "La Loggia" and "Debouché" are very useful for getting to the center of Vinovo.

Key events

Festa di S. Antonio (Gennaio)
Festa del Santuario di S. Desiderio (Aprile)
Fiera di Primavera (Aprile-Maggio)
Festa patronale S. Bartolomeo (24 Agosto)
Sagra della Frittata (Novembre)

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